Gothenburg anchorage

Odin Diving A/S can reach Gothenburg anchorage within 4 hours from the Port of Frederikshavn.

We offer a wide range of underwater services within:

  • Inspections
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
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    Gothenburg anchorage

    Things to know about Gothenburg Anchorage:

    • A Swedish anchorage in Kattegat
    • Ships anchored usually carry cargo
    • Anchorage accommodates large cargo ships (max. 20m draft)

    The port of Gothenburg has existed since 1620 making it more than 400 years old. It is therefore of no surprise that the port is filled with history. A history in which many ships have taken part. Ships exporting goods. Ships carrying passengers. And much more. Thus, it is of no surprise that ships on the daily are anchored in Gothenburg Anchorage. Many of these ships are anchored for a short period of time as they await their next destination. That said, the short period of time is the perfect break in schedule for practicalities regarding a ship´s efficiency. An efficiency, which can be ensured through IMR – inspections, maintenance and repair.

    Service boat

    Most crew members are well aware of the above-mentioned and therefore utilize the waiting time to keep their ship in tip top shape. They do so with the help of companies offering underwater services on location. We, at Odin Diving A/S, are an example of such a company. Our new service boat enables us to carry out IMR work on ships anchored in Gothenburg Anchorage. We can therefore help you ensure your ship´s efficiency. Furthermore, we can be at your service within 4 hours from our workspace in Frederikshavn. This ensures that precious time is not wasted. You can get in touch with us through our contact options.

    Underwater welder GOTHENBURG

    Odin Diving A/S offers a certified underwater welder GOTHENBURG. There is therefore no need for dry docking as we carry out wet welding. Such service cannot be done by everyone as it requires specialized skills that an underwater welder possesses. Skills that may be called for if your ship has suffered damage that need immediate attention. Examples of such damage could for instance be in relation to structures, components and more. If your ship is in such a situation it may be time to contact an underwater welder GOTHENBURG. The welder can help you while you wait in Gothenburg Anchorage.

    The example given above relates to the “R” in IMR. Hence, it is a form of repair. That said, welding also relates to maintenance – the “M” in IMR. You can read in depth information about our welding service here.

    Propeller inspection GOTHENBURG

    When in need of propeller inspection Gothenburg, call Odin Diving A/S. Is there a better time to keep up with inspection than when anchored in Gothenburg Anchorage? While you wait you might as well get your propellers checked for, example given, marine growth. A problem that is inevitable. It is therefore crucial to keep up with your propeller inspections. The longer you wait the more extensive the growth and the slower the ship. We, at Odin Diving A/S, therefore offer propeller inspection Gothenburg. An important service when it comes to ship efficiency. A propeller filled with marine growth can for instance lead to roughness and decreased fuel efficiency. Two things you do not want.

    In need of propeller polishing?

    Remember, we do everything from inspection to maintenance and repair. If we, during the inspection, find that it is time for a propeller polishing we can therefore take care of it. Thus, you can find all the services needed within one company.

    Damaged propeller blades

    Besides marine growth, propellers can also suffer, for instance, bent blades, which can be detected during inspection. Bent blades will also lead to decreased efficiency. It is therefore important to get the blades straightened or exchanged. Two different types of repair-services that we offer.

    Hull Cleaning GOTHENBURG

    We also help with hull cleaning Gothenburg. The hull is the main component of a ship. Furthermore, large areas of the hull are for the most part in water. This will naturally increase the amount of marine growth. It could be marine growth such as algae, clams and many more. These attach themselves to the ship, which, with time, will create a rough surface. Just as with propellers this will affect the efficiency. An aspect of ship maintenance is therefore hull cleaning that maintains the smoothness of your hull. This is possible using a brush kart that cleans off uninvited guests. As mentioned, our divers and service boat can reach Gothenburg Anchorage within 4 hours. We are therefore the perfect choice if you are in need of an immediate hull cleaning Gothenburg.

    High quality is guaranteed

    It is important that hull cleaning does not create further roughness. We therefore offer experienced divers to carry out the task. We furthermore invest in equipment of high quality as great tools are the foundation of great results.

    Specifications and rental

    If you are interested in renting our service boat this section is for you. We offer rental of our service boat. The boat can be sailed in the Swedish waters as it is allowed in the A1 area. The boat is designed to accommodate 3 people but if needed extra installations can extend this with 2 people. You can find our page for service boat rental here.

    We offer rental in two ways:

    • Hourly rate
    • Fixed day rate

    You can therefore choose the option that fits your needs the best.

    The service boat has a Norwegian flag and is from 2003. You can read more about the specifications here.
    Extra information

    – Reach us by phone: (+45) 98 15 30 30
    – Reach us by mail: INFO@ODINDIVING.DK

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