In 2008, Odin Diving A/S was founded in Greenland with the purpose of conducting diving service on vessels in northern Greenland.

In 2008-2010 Odin Diving A/S worked with local harbor renovations and maintenance & repair of ships.

In 2011 Odin Diving A/S had a sub-contract with an oil exploration company, providing diving support during the 7 month contract, mainly on supply vessels, along with inshore ship maintenance and repair.

In 2012 Odin Diving A/S had several major harbor renovations, along with inshore ship maintenance and repair. We also had key personnel on courses in management, diving skill courses and technical courses.

In 2013 Odin Diving A/S created a branch in Aalborg in Denmark, in order to establish itself as a supplier to the offshore industry in Denmark. We also had divers working on several projects in the Dutch, German, Danish and English sector of the North Sea within the oil/ gas sector and the renewable sector.

​In 2014 Odin Diving A/S had several divers working in Asia and North Sea on ship and rig maintenance & repair and on construction and maintenance projects in the North Sea.

In 2015 Odin Diving A/S established an office in Thessaloniki in Greece with the intent to provide ship maintenance and repair service.

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