– e.g. IWS, UWILD

Odin Diving A / S has supervisors, divers and technicians with extensive experience in ship inspection (e.g. IWS, UWILD).

In addition to this, we specialize in maintenance and repair. We have our own fabrication workshop and dive test tank. We offer a wide range of underwater services, including:

We are classed by all major classification societies and performs:

  • ​UWILDs
  • IWS
  • Grounding surveys
  • Sale/purchase surveys
  • Marine growth- and coating surveys etc.
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Inspection - e.g IWS, UWILDs

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    Odin Diving A/S is a well-established commercial diving service that performs various kinds of inspections. Our competent divers have extensive experience with all kinds of tasks within the field of commercial diving, including maintenance, repair and inspection.

    Inspection is an important aspect within the maritime industry, as thorough inspections can prevent accidents caused by damage or wear. There are various requirements to different types of vessels in relation to how often they need to be inspected and also what kinds of inspections they require.

    As your experienced commercial diving service, we are able to conduct various kinds of inspections, like:

    –       UWILDs

    –       IWS

    –       Grounding surveys

    –       Sale and purchase surveys

    –       Marine growth and coating surveys

    –       And much more

    We are furthermore classed by the major classification societies: DNV-GL, ClassNK, Lloyd’s Register, ABS, Bureau Veritas and Rina.

    Since 2008, we have offered our services to and conducted work in the shipping, wind and also oil and gas sectors. We are therefore highly experienced with commercial diving, and thereby you can expect our services to be of the highest quality and in accordance with current legislation and IMCA requirements.

    Great Experience with In water Survey (IWS) and Inspection 

    One of our areas of expertise within commercial diving is in water survey (IWS) and underwater inspection in lieu of dry-docking. Some classification societies also use the abbreviations IWS and UWILD. These services entail inspection of a vessel while it is still afloat, and the focus of the inspection is thus the parts of the vessel that are under water.

    Through an in water survey (IWS) or UWILD, we perform an inspection where focus is on several areas. Some of these areas are damage and wear that can be a result of groundings, collisions, etc. Signs of damage and wear can for example be hull roughness and corrosion. Moreover, also marine fouling and the condition of the coating are examples of what is inspected in an in water survey (IWS) or UWILD.

    Not all ships are qualified for in water survey (IWS), as there are different requirements for different types of vessels. However, for those ships who are eligible for this service, this kind of inspection can be economically beneficial.

    In water survey (IWS) and underwater inspection in lieu of dry-docking are methods of inspection that serve as alternatives to dry-docking, which can be a very expensive and challenging affair. All of our divers are experts within their field, and thus we can ensure a quality service at a fair price.

    Odin Diving A/S Offers a Wide Array of Inspection Services

    In addition to UWILDs and In Water Survey (IWS), other commercial diving services that we offer, falling under the subject of inspection, are grounding surveys and surveys in relation to impact with any objects. There can be many reasons to why an underwater survey may be required, and these are only some of the reasons.

    A grounding survey may, as the name implies, be needed after a grounding. Grounding can cause a lot of damage to a ship, and therefore it is highly important to detect any damage caused by a grounding. Depending on what kind of seabed the ship is impacted by and how hard or serious of a grounding it is, damage may be severe. Therefore, grounding surveys are very important for the safety aboard a ship and also the performance of the vessel.

    Like groundings, other kinds of impact by floating objects or the like may also be crucial in regard to safety and performance. Impact by a solid object may cause damage to vital elements and equipment like the propeller or sonars. Odin Diving A/S can perform inspection on your ship to ensure safety and optimal performance. Furthermore, if any damage is so severe that it requires repair, Odin Diving A/S also conducts repairs. Read more about our range of commercial diving services relating to repair here.

    Inspection of Marine Growth and Coating

    Odin Diving A/S also offers commercial diving services within the field of inspection of coating and detection of marine growth. The state of the marine growth and the condition of the coating are important factors in relation to both performance and safety.

    Coating is applied for various reasons, some of which are for anti-corrosion and anti-fouling purposes. Through inspection, our experienced divers investigate the coating, e.g. for signs of incorrect application or ineffectiveness.

    Marine growth like barnacles and tubeworms can impact the performance of a ship through factors like speed and fuel consumption, and thus marine fouling may impact the performance of a vessel. When you monitor the state of marine growth, you can take action to remove it before it becomes a serious problem. Odin Diving A/S also provides various services within maintenance and are able to perform hull cleaning, which removes marine fouling. See more about our services within maintenance here.

    Surveys in relation to Sale or Purchase 

    Our services also include surveys in relation to sale or purchase. If you are about to either sell or purchase a vessel, Odin Diving A/S can therefore assist with surveys.

    As we are specialized in commercial diving, we can inspect the vessel while it is afloat. Thereby, we assist in bringing attention to the general condition of the vessel in question. We will thus discover any potential damage, corrosion or other important aspects.

    Experienced Divers and Quality Equipment

    Odin Diving A/S always conducts work in a safe and effective manner. All of our experienced divers are part of our permanent staff, and thereby we can ensure that we always deliver quality work that meets the highest standards. We furthermore seek to be transparent, and therefore we offer fixed prices, so that you may never be surprised by additional fees.

    We use our own equipment, and thus we are always sure of the quality of equipment and tools. This enables us to complete all of our commercial diving services in the most secure and efficient way. Click here, to read more about our equipment.

    Contact us if you are in need of IWS, UWILDs or other kind of services

    Please contact Odin Diving A/S, if you are in need of IWS, UWILDs or other kind of underwater our services. You are also very welcome to contact us, if you have any questions about our services.

    Contact us by phone on (+45) 98 15 30 30 or send us an e-mail on