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Odin Diving A/S has supervisors, divers and technicians with extensive experience in ship maintenance and repair. We have our own fabrication workshop and dive test tank. We offer a wide range of underwater services, including:

We do also offer:

  • Certified wet welding
  • Dry welding using habitat or cofferdam
  • Precision gouging of welds
  • Cold cutting and much more.
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    Other commercial diving services

    Odin Diving A/S is your number one provider within commercial diving services. We offer various underwater solutions that keep your ship or rig in check. Thus, we offer inspections, maintenance and repairs. These tasks ensure the performance and condition of ships as well as rigs. Within our commercial diving services you will find other services that are not necessarily specific to inspections, repairs or maintenance. We, at Odin Diving A/S, call these services our “other services.” It is our commercial diving services within this section that will be the focus for this text. To make it easier for you to establish an overview of what these “other services” entail, we present you with a list:

    • Cold cutting
    • Precision gouging of welds
    • Certified wet welding
    • Dry welding using habitat or cofferdam

    From here on we will explain what these commercial diving services are and what they can be used for. We therefore encourage you to continue your reading if this sparks your interest.

    Dry underwater welding

    You may be wondering what dry underwater welding entails and why you should be bothered with it. We will answer these questions for you. First and foremost, what is dry underwater welding? The name itself may be confusing given the fact that dry and underwater is used in the same context, which may seem like an impossible situation; but it is in fact not. As the name implies dry underwater welding is welding underwater carried out in cover from the water itself. This is done through the use of a chamber that makes it possible to shield the area worked upon from water while the welding is carried out. Thus, it is possible to work on parts of ships and rigs that are placed underwater in dry conditions. At Odin Diving A/S we perform this type of dry welding using habitat or cofferdam. This service is different from our wet underwater welding, which, as the name implies, is carried out underwater without shielding the area worked upon. Thus, it is possible for us to carry out underwater services in dry as well as wet conditions. If you are interested in our certificates in relation to these services, you can find them here.

    Why should you care about dry underwater welding?

    Why should you then care about dry underwater welding? Dry underwater welding can, for example, be beneficial when it comes to different kinds of repairs and construction work. You could, for instance, be in need of dry underwater welding if your ship has suffered a crack, doing, for instance, a collision. You could also be in need of dry underwater welding if you, for instance, are in the process of carrying out construction work on a rig. These are just two examples out of many. We, at Odin Diving A/S, encourage you to contact us if you want to hear more about your options within underwater welding jobs.

    Precision gouging of welds

    Speaking of dry welding and wet welding, we also carry out precision gouging of welds. So what is gouging? Gouging can occur on ships and rigs´ metallic surfaces. In more detail it is the occurrence of corrosion in the metal. This corrosion breaks down the metallic surface, which can result in, for example, the creation of holes in the ships and rigs´ welds. Welds are the points on the metal´s surface in which the different metal parts are welded together. Thus, precision gouging of welds is a crucial underwater service not only when it comes to the performance of ships and rigs (for example), but also when it comes to maintaining the safety of their crew members and the daily function through repairs of the identified problem areas.

    Cold cutting

    Last, but certainly not least, is cold cutting. Cold cutting is another one of our commercial diving services. As the name implies this service is focused on cutting. So what makes it cold? Cold cutting is cold because it is carried out without the use of factors such as heat that can produce sparks. Thus, this method is especially beneficial to use in high risk areas where a spark quickly can turn into a full blown fire or even an explosion that risks the life of crew members and a given ship or rig. You may be wondering what cold cutting can cut through. Cold cutting can, for example, be used to cut through materials such as steel. Are you in doubt whether or not cold cutting is the most beneficial method for your pressing problems? Odin Diving A/S consists of experts on the topic that are capable of consulting you, so you have the best possible information to base your decisions on. Therefore, you should not hesitate to reach out or set up a meeting regarding our offered commercial diving services.

    Commercial diving services worth your time and money

    We have the outermost respect for our clients time and money. We can therefore guarantee you underwater services carried out with a focus on quality as well as deadlines and agreed upon meeting times. Furthermore, we have been in the industry since 2007, which ensures you a provider with a great deal of expertise and knowledge. Odin Diving A/S is an international company with headquarters in Denmark.

    • You can find us at PIER 6-4, 9900 Frederikshavn.

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