Rig maintenance & repair

We offer most IMR services on platforms and semi-subs, including:

  • General inspections
  • Special Periodic Surveys (SPS)
  • Anode replacements
  • Underwater grit blasting
  • Underwater painting and anti-corrosion treatment
  • ​Welding
  • Thruster work/change-outs
  • Hot/cold cutting
  • NDT.

We have divers and supervisors with extensive experience from the offshore oil and gas industry.

All work is performed following OGP regulations and IMCA guidelines.

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    Rig maintenance

    If you are in need of rig maintenance, you have come to the right place. At Odin Diving A/S you are met with experts within underwater services. Thus, you are guaranteed a piece of quality work, when you trust us with taking care of your rig.

    At Odin Diving A/S we believe in providing a wide range of services within IMR services. IMR is a shortening for three words; inspection, maintenance and repair. The order in which these words are presented is not coincidental. To keep up with maintenance you will need to engage in inspections – If you own a car, you are well aware of this relationship. Inspections will therefore always precede maintenance as it allows for the detection of possible problems. It could, for instance, be thinning in the metal, small cracks or welding problems. The detection of such problems can in continuation lead to reparations, as it is needed, to maintain the state of your rig. The relationship between inspection, maintenance and repair may then best be thought of as a triangle turned upside down. We may call it the triangle of rig maintenance. At the tip we have maintenance, which is reached through inspections and repairs. We will dive into this triangle of rig maintenance as we present the relationship between inspections, maintenance and repair, in turns, starting off with inspections.

    Rig Inspections

    Inspections are the first step in keeping up with rig maintenance. When we talk about inspections, we focus on services such as UWILDS and various kinds of surveys such as grounding surveys or coating surveys. It is crucial that you keep up with regular inspections as it is a fundamental factor for ensuring the safety of the rig. At Odin Diving A/S the inspection is carried out by professionals with a great deal of knowledge and experience regarding the offshore oil and gas industry. This is beneficial as they have the needed knowledge to help ensure not only the safety of your rig, but also the performance of your rig. At Odin Diving A/S we have carried out inspections on rigs such as Jack-up – Maersk Gallant and Jack-up – Atlantic Amsterdam. If you want to read more about the work we have done, we encourage you to take a look at our references.

    As inspections are carried out, problems may be detected. These problems can call for different services within repair. The next section will thus dive into the next element within the triangle of rig maintenance; repair.

    Rig Repair

    When it comes to rig repair, we offer a wide range of services – from Anode replacements to painting jobs and anti-corrosion treatments. As we have made clear once or twice by now, inspections can detect problems that call for a rig repair. Inspections are, however, not the only reason for rig repairs being carried out. Other examples could be accidents that have caused damage to your rig. Whatever the context is, we, at Odin Diving A/S, are ready to help. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us regarding your needs, whether it is about inspections, maintenance or repair.

    As you look for a company that can take care of a rig repair, it is important that the company consider official regulations and guidelines that you are required to follow. Thus, we, at Odin Diving A/S, comply with the regulations and guidelines of OGP and IMCA. This ensures that we can help you meet their official regulations and guidelines.

    Rig maintenance is the sum of inspections & repairs

    Imagine that underwater services were like mathematics. Then the calculation of the triangle of rig maintenance would be as follows: inspections plus repairs equals maintenance. Thus, maintenance becomes the sum of inspections and repairs. Rig maintenance is therefore the combination of everything that characterizes inspections and repairs. Rig maintenance is then about UWILDS and various forms of surveys, but it is also about corrosion treatments and anode replacements. Therefore, you cannot keep up with the maintenance of a rig without engaging in inspections and necessary repairs. When we talk about rig maintenance, we then talk about a wide range of services. Below we offer two examples.

    Painting jobs

    All painting crackles over time. As rigs are placed in water, they are located in an environment that is both wet and windy, which leads to the erosion of the paint. At Odin Diving A/S we therefore offer underwater painting and underwater grit blasting. Thus, we are able to remove old paint and prepare the rig for the application of new paint as well as applying it.


    At Odin Diving A/S we offer hot cutting as well as cold cutting. The latter is especially beneficial in the context of rigs in the offshore oil and gas industry. This is due to cold cutting being a beneficial method to use in areas with a high risk of fires and explosions. Such areas can be found on rigs. Thus, we can help you with cutting in high risk areas, but also in normal areas as we are skilled within both cold and hot cutting.

    These are just two examples out of a long list. We will therefore encourage you to browse around our website to learn more about how we can help you. Furthermore, we are ready to answer any questions or requests you might have. You can reach us on our website, email and phone.


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