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Ships repair service

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    Ship Maintenance

    At Odin Diving A/S we are capable of managing ship maintenance as well as the maintenance of rigs. This features a variety of tasks within underwater services – in regard to three overall categories: Repair, inspection and maintenance. Furthermore, you are guaranteed the highest quality of work, within ship maintenance and repair, conducted by a certified provider with certified commercial divers employed.

    – Read more about our certificates here.

    At Odin Diving A/S we are of the belief that ship maintenance, as well as rig maintenance, is a key factor to ensure a high business performance within the maritime industry. There is a wide range of regulations regarding the condition of ships, hence rules of maintenance and inspections – and they differ depending on the context. It is therefore possible for you to get help with everything that falls under ship husbandry at Odin diving A/S.

    Why is ship husbandry and repair (ship maintenance) a beneficial service for your business? It is beneficial because you can have the most skilled employees in the world, but if the tools are dull, it is hard to reach the highest level of performance. At Odin Diving A/S we therefore have no doubt that the greatest results come from a “well-oiled machine”. A well-oiled machine stems from, among other things, inspections, so you can detect problems that may need a repair or some form of ship husbandry. This process is a form of ship maintenance as previously stated.

    Read along, if you are interested in getting an overview, as well as a better understanding, of our three categories within ship maintenance: Repair, inspection, and maintenance.


    At Odin Diving A/S we have conducted a great number of underwater inspections. You are therefore guaranteed a great deal of experience and professionalism by choosing us to conduct the next inspection of your ship. Underwater inspections of ships are of the highest importance. It allows you to ensure the condition of the ship, as well as detect damages caused at sea or general wear. Inspections are thus a premise for the general upkeep of your ship (ship maintenance), which ensures its performance.

    At Odin Diving A/S we offer inspections in the form of grounding surveys. When conducting a grounding survey, we check for problems caused by the grounding of a ship, or problems caused by the impact of an object.

    In-water surveys

    We also offer inspections in the form of in-water surveys. This is a great service within ship maintenance. It allows us to inspect the parts of your ship that are below water and therefore out of your reach.

    Besides the above mentioned services, we also offer to survey your ship for, among other, marine growth. Furthermore, we offer surveys in relation to purchasing and selling of vessels. You can read more about our different services, in detail, within inspections here.


    It is within maintenance that we offer services which are prevalent regarding general upkeep of your ship. We deal with what some call marine fouling and others call marine growth. Marine growth is a problem for all ships and therefore we have conducted a great deal of, for instance, hull cleaning. These are conducted with the use of our brush kart. In relation to this, we are also able to conduct propeller polishing. This ensure a smooth propel free of marine growth. These services are important if you want to ensure a long lifespan of your ship as well as a sufficient use of energy.

    Besides maintenance in regard to marine growth, we are also able to provide other services within maintenance. Is it time to replace an anode or a sensor? Then please let us know. Efficiency and quality are our hallmarks. Furthermore, we are able to perform painting jobs as well as ensure that your ship is protected against corrosion with our anti-corrosion treatment. We offer more services within maintenance.

    All of the mentioned services are important within ship maintenance. They ensure a well-oiled machine, which is the first, and maybe most important, premise for a high performance.

    Ship repair

    At Odin Diving A/S we can offer ship repair. This is beneficial in case of an emergency, as for instance a cavity in the hull in need of a fix. As earlier mentioned, we are able to perform underwater services and it is therefore possible to order a ship repair, doing operation, while at dock. Our services within ship repair are many. This includes services in the field of ship maintenance, such as hull cleaning and propeller polishing.
    You may be, unknowingly, in need of ship repair, and we therefore encourage you to make use of inspections when needed. We can provide you with inspections as well as the repair of any detected problems that may occur. In this way you can use Odin Diving A/S as your one-stop destination for ship maintenance and ship repair, given that we can detect, fix and maintain.

    Rig repair

    At Odin Diving A/S, we are skilled within both ships and rigs, and we can therefore offer rig repair. As with ships, our services within rig repair are many. We are, for instance, capable of performing welding jobs. We are furthermore certified to conduct wet welding. This means that we can perform welding jobs that take place below the surface of the sea. Additionally, we can, among other things, perform anode replacements, inspections, anti-corrosion treatments and much more. Read more about the many services that we offer within rig repair.


    Are you in need of our service or do you have some burning questions in need of answers, then feel free to contact us.

    Odin Diving A/S – best within ship maintenance and repair