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Odin Diving A/S, a leading commercial diving company, services the shipping and offshore industry in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Germany. We offer a wide range of commercial diving services, all performed to the highest standards of punctuality, precision, quality, and safety.

All our work is performed in accordance with national legislation and the highest international standards, including IMCA requirements.


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Odin Diving A/S – Commercial diving company

As an experienced commercial diving company, Odin Diving A/S provides top-tier diving and underwater services within the shipping, oil & gas, and wind sectors. Our experienced divers, supervisors and project managers perform a wide range of underwater tasks. We have a history that date back to 2007, and we have conducted commercial diving work in different parts of the world – from arctic to tropic conditions in the maritime industry.

We are placed in the maritime area Pier 4-6 in Frederikshavn, Denmark, from where we operate. Here, we are close to the main Baltic shipping line and the anchorages of SKAW, Gothenburg and Frederikshavn. We perform underwater services in all of Denmark and can mobilize quickly to Norway, Sweden and Germany.

Odin Diving A/S: Safe Underwater Services Of Highest Quality

At Odin Diving A/S, we provide a wide range of underwater services within the shipping, wind and Oil & gas sectors. Our team of divers, technicians, and supervisors all have extensive experience with underwater tasks, ensuring tasks are solved with focus on safety, punctuality and quality of work. All our equipment is tested according to meet IMCA D018 guidelines and national standards. Additionally, we offer a large selection of auxiliary tools and equipment for ship- and rig maintenance.

We have serviced the shipping and offshore industry since 2007, where Odin Diving A/S was founded with the purpose of providing commercial diving services for vessels in northern Greenland. At this time, there was an industry demand for experience-based expertise in offshore diving; a demand that Odin Diving A/S could fulfill. After moving the company to Denmark in 2013, Odin Diving A/S continues to focus on the shipping and offshore sectors. Click here, to find more information about our history.

Since 2007, our commercial diving company has done work across Europe and Asia on different projects, which extend from inspection and maintenance to repair works on ships and rigs. We strive to deliver quality work in all areas, which for us entails conducting work with ultimate precision and punctuality in a safe manner. Our competent staff are experts at what they do, and they initiate every task with the same focus and thoroughness.

Our underwater work and services

We are able to cover numerous areas of underwater work within the maritime industry. Due to the experience of our staff, we are able to solve any task in the most appropriate and efficient way possible. Examples of our work can be found here, where some of our previous projects are explained.

Even though Odin Diving A/S provides services within a large field, we highlight three main areas, in which we are particularly specialized. Our main areas of expertise cover the before-mentioned fields: inspection, maintenance and repair on ships, rigs, semi-subs and offshore structures, and we take our definition of quality work into account in all of our work across these areas. Thereby, all of the services we offer are performed in line with the highest standards and naturally in accordance with current legislation.

Inspection from a Commercial Diving Company

One of the main commercial diving services that Odin Diving A/S offers is underwater inspection. We are able to perform different types of inspection tasks, and we are classed by all of the major classification societies:

  • DNV-GL
  • ClassNK
  • Lloyd’s Register
  • ABS
  • Bureau Veritas
  • Rina

We can perform inspections of vessels classed to other societies within IACS.

Additional to inspection in the form of underwater surveys, we also perform non destructive testing – NDT. Within this area, we are also approved to conduct different kinds of procedures, including dye penetrant, magnetic particle inspection and eddy current testing. Further information about our services within the field of inspection can be found here.

Maintenance from a Commercial Diving Company

Another of our main areas of expertise is maintenance on both ships and rigs. We can provide underwater maintenance, which entails general upkeep on ships and rigs, and we perform all types of ship husbandry like hull cleaning, propeller polishing, exchange of transducers, blanking of inlets/outlets, ICCP units, anti-corrosion treatment and much more

Safety is crucial in the maritime industry, and safety is best ensured by proper maintenance, which Odin Diving A/S can provide as a part of our our comprehensive commercial diving services.

Propeller Polishing from Odin Diving A/S

To secure proper maintenance Odin Diving A/S offers services like underwater propeller polishing. Propeller polishing significantly improves the vessel’s performance and we therefore recommend everyone to consider propeller polishing every now and then. All of our propeller-work in Odin Diving A/S is performed by experienced divers who use multi-stage polishing systems.

In general, all the maintenance of your propeller is improving its performance as well as reducing its fuel consumption. This certainly applies to propeller polishing as well.

Read much more about maintenance and propeller polishing.


Our underwater services also include repair, and Odin Diving A/S offers different forms of repairs. If an urgent need for repair may arise we are able to perform underwater repairs on both ships and rigs, wherever they are placed.

Amongst other things, we are specialized in propeller work and welding. We perform cold straightening and/or cropping of bent and damaged propeller blades and restore anti-singing contour edges. We can perform class approved welding, and on projects where welding is a central element, we we have our own class approved welders and consult with professional welding engineers for the project planning. See more about our services within the area of repairs here.

Propeller Repair

Propeller repair is obviously important if the propeller is broken in any way. Odin Diving specialize in underwater propeller repair and propeller restoration. A practical example of propeller repair is re-straightening of bent propeller blades as well as welding. In fact, this case study includes propeller repair based on re-straightening bent propeller blades. A 55 meter superyacht in Thailand had collided. 3 out of 4 blades on a 2.6 meter port propeller were bent. Odin Diving A/S. Odin Divning A/S re-straightened the 3 bent blades back to its original form.

Visit this page if you are interested in more information about propeller repair.

Safety is an Important Factor in the Maritime Industry

The common element in all of our main areas of expertise is safety. We focus on safety in regard to the work we do and the way the work is conducted. All of our work is done according to the highest international standards and guidelines, including IMCA and NORSOK.

We pay close attention to the health and safety of our staff and other personnel that we work with, and we inform all staff, contractors and suppliers of our Occupational Health and Safety Management Policy. By following this policy, we ensure safety to the best of our abilities, and we continuously try to improve our safety performance.

Quality Work and Environmental Responsibility

Aside from the issue of safety, our commercial diving company also has a great focus on conducting quality work within commercial diving. We have already defined what quality work means for us, but additional to that definition, we also follow our Quality Management Policy closely. In this way, we seek to avoid insufficiency and continuously improve within the areas, where it is possible.

Another focus of ours is environmental responsibility. We are aware of the impact that our business has on the environment, however, we try to reduce this impact. Read more about our environmental efforts in our Environmental Management Policy.

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