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– Class Approved Welding

Odin Diving A/S is a leading underwater welding company with experienced underwater welders certified to both to both AWS D3.6M:2017 and ISO 15618-1:2016 to most positions, all approved by Lloyds Register and/or DNV-GL.

Our underwater welding company have approved welding procedures for fillet weldings in all positions. Approved procedures for butt weld position are pending.

We are working together with experienced welding engineers on projects where the welds are essential for the structural integrity

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PIER 6 -4
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TLF.: (+45) 98 15 30 30

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    Hire a certified and approved underwater welding company

    An underwater welder performs some of the most dangerous maintenance and repair procedures. Working as an underwater welder, a lot of things can go awry, so expertise, precision and experience is required in order to ensure satisfying results. When hiring an underwater welding company like Odin Diving A/S, you are guaranteed professional results carried out in a secure and efficient manner.

    Expertly trained divers – class approved welding

    Working as an underwater welder carries a lot of risks. The pressure works against you, and clouds of underwater bubbles can make any task difficult to perform due to blocked visuals and skewered depth perception. Without proper training and multiple certifications you are almost guaranteed bad results.

    As a recognized underwater welding company, our divers are all optimally trained, highly experienced and carry certifications in both AWS D.36M:2017 and ISO 15618-1:2016 to most positions, all approved by Lloyd’s Register and/or DNV GL.

    AWS D.36M:2017 covers underwater welding in dry and wet environments alike. The code covers five basic methods for underwater welding:

    • Dry welding at one atmosphere (dry welding in vessels pressurized at one atmosphere)
    • Dry welding in a habitat (welding in a large chamber drained from water at ambient pressure)
    • Dry chamber welding (welding at ambient pressure in a simple open-bottomed dry chamber)
    • Dry-spot welding (welding in small, gas-filled enclosure at ambient pressure)
    • Wet welding (welding at ambient pressure without any barriers or enclosures between the welding arc and the water)

    An underwater welder from Odin Diving A/S will be certified to carry out tasks utilizing all five methods. Our underwater welding company ensures that we always utilize the best possible method for any given job to ensure reliability and professional results.

    ISO 15618-1:2016 is a certificate of qualification that specifies different essential requirements, test conditions, acceptance requirements and ranges of qualification for testing the performance of an underwater welder.

    This is done in order to ensure the underwater welder expertly understands the safety requirements and welding processes for which he/she is qualified.

    ISO 15618-1:2016 covers manual or partly mechanised welding processes for hyperbaric wet welding on steel.

    At Odin Diving A/S we have approved welding procedures for fillet weldings in all positions, with approved procedures for butt weld positions still pending.

    Hyperbaric welding specified for your exact needs

    Hyperbaric welding is necessary to perform various repairs and maintenance procedures on offshore rigs, pipelines or ships.

    Normally referred to in the context of underwater welding, hyperbaric welding is the process of welding at elevated pressures.

    At Odin Diving A/S we specialize in underwater hyperbaric welding, and we have years of experience in solving a wide variety of tasks.

    Some of the most technologically challenging tasks at greater depths require hyperbaric welding.

    These tasks include – but are not limited to:

    • Repair and maintenance of pipelines
    • Repair of accidental failure of various components
    • Repair of damaged structures
    • Maintenance and repairs in both dry and wet environments
    • Repairs as a result of HE (hydrogen embrittlement)

    Our underwater welding company collaborates closely with experienced welding engineers on projects where the welds are essential for structural integrity.

    Professional wet welding for emergencies and special cases

    You can safely hire an underwater welder from Odin Diving A/S for even the most delicate tasks. Wet welding is used mostly as a last resort, but depending on the severity of the repair needed and the accessibility of the welding area it may be the only solution.

    Aside from the obvious dangerous elements involved with using electricity in water, the weld risks cooling down too quickly because of the temperature, which in most cases lead to cracking and damage to the structure.

    So how does an underwater welder counteract this? At Odin Diving A/S our personnel is trained to carry out tasks in these extreme conditions. Some of the techniques employed in wet welding include:

    • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
    • Flux-cored Arc Welding (FCAW)
    • Friction Welding (FW)

    An underwater welder from Odin Diving A/S will always be aware of the necessary precautions required to safely conduct underwater wet welding, such as keeping the electrode of the stick clean and checking the surroundings for any safety hazards or obstructions before carrying out the weld.

    A maritime history – Underwater welding company

    Since 2013, Odin Diving A/S has employed expertly trained divers who always deliver high quality results. With an underwater welder from Odin Diving A/S you can be ensured that you get the very best.

    Odin Diving A/S was founded in Greenland but a lot has happened since. We are now located in Frederikshavn, more specifically at the harborside (Pier 6).

    Frederikshavn is a beautiful, maritime town with a lot of possibilities for professional sparring and engagement.

    An underwater welder from Odin Diving A/S will have easy access to water, which provides optimal training conditions.
    Working as an underwater welder, it is especially important to stay alert and keep training and honing your skills.

    Contact Odin Diving A/S today

    As an underwater welding company, we strive to offer transparent prices without any unpleasant surprises. Our jobs are always expertly carried out, and the final bill will be all inclusive. In other words: you can expect to get exactly what you pay for.

    Do you want to learn more about what we do? Check some of our case studies from different companies and countries. Furthermore, should you have any questions or are you in doubt as to whether an underwater welder is suitable for the type of job you want done, you can always contact us: (+45) 98 15 30 30 or send an email to info@odindiving.dk.

    Contact us today and get a free quote – no commitments. Please leave your name, email and phone number and describe your inquiry adequately so we can contact you as quickly as possible.

    Odin Diving A/S – underwater welding company located in Denmark