Odin Diving A/S has supervisors, divers and technicians with extensive experience in ship maintenance and repair. We have our own fabrication workshop and dive test tank. We offer a wide range of underwater services, including:

We offer all types of ship husbandry, including:

  • Hull cleaning with brush kart
  • Multi-stage propeller polishing
  • Installation of cofferdams for valve overhaul
  • Anode re-placement
  • Sensor replacement
  • ​Underwater painting and anti-corrosion treatment
  • ​HP water jetting and much more.
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    Maintenance: Hull cleaning, Underwater Painting, Anti-Corrosion Treatment and Much More 

    Odin Diving A/S offers a wide range of services within maintenance of ships and rigs; services like hull cleaning, underwater painting and anti-corrosion treatment. Maintenance is a crucial factor in the maritime industry, and our extensive experience with performing underwater solutions enables us to deliver quality work that meets the highest standards. 

    Our supervisors, divers and technicians all have expert knowledge and extensive experience with our various services within maintenance. One of our areas of expertise within underwater maintenance is hull cleaning with brush kart. Marine fouling impacts the general performance of a ship in regard to factors like speed and fuel consumption. Through hull cleaning, marine fouling like barnacles and tubeworms will be removed, and optimal performance can be ensured. 

    We perform hull cleaning in a safe manner with care for the ship and any equipment such as sonars or sensors. Our service will not cause any damage to the hull or coating, and no further roughness will occur, as our experienced divers use quality brush karts and equipment. After we have performed our service, the hull will be left clean and the ship can resume work with full performance capability.

    Other of our underwater services are underwater painting and anti-corrosion treatment. Anti-corrosion treatment protects metal surfaces in highly corrosive environments and is thus crucial for the general condition of a ship or structure. These services are therefore important in regard to general upkeep, as they aid in securing safety and optimal performance.  

    Propeller Polishing, Propeller Repair, Replacement and Water Jetting

    Other than hull cleaning, underwater painting and anti-corrosion treatment, Odin Diving A/S also offers services like propeller polishing, propeller repair, various replacements and high-pressure (HP) water jetting. All of these services work to secure proper maintenance and thereby also maximum performance. 

    The condition of the propeller effects the efficiency of it and thereby also fuel consumption. Any roughness of or damage to the propeller can result in a high fuel consumption and thus inefficient performance. Propeller polishing, propeller repair and general upkeep with the propeller secure high propeller efficiency, and Odin Diving A/S provides a quality service that ensures proper maintenance. We use multi-stage polishing systems, and all of our work is performed by experienced divers with quality equipment. 

    Odin Diving A/S also offers to conduct various replacements, like anode replacement and sensor replacement. Moreover, we perform high pressure water jetting that also aids the general upkeep and maintenance. Both propeller polishing, propeller repair, replacements and high-pressure water jetting is performed in accordance with requirements and the highest standards. 

    Underwater Welding and Installation of Cofferdams for Maintenance and Overhaul 

    Odin Diving A/S also performs underwater welding in relation to maintenance tasks. Our experienced underwater welders are certified and perform an array of class approved welding procedures on both ships and rigs. Read more about our services within welding here.

    Another service that falls under the category of maintenance is installation of cofferdams, e.g. for valve overhaul. Odin Diving A/S has extensive experience with installing cofferdams that make it possible to perform maintenance procedures. Our installation is simple, effective and safe. 

    Maintenance Is Important for Safety and General Performance

    Proper maintenance is an important factor in the maritime industry, as it is a prerequisite for both safety, efficiency and performance. Safety and general performance on both ships and rigs are highly dependent on having operational and functional equipment and structures.  

    A service like hull cleaning may seem insignificant, however, as marine fouling can have a negative effect on performance, the service becomes very significant. Likewise, the replacement of a sensor can be of great importance in relation to the crew’s safety aboard a ship.  

    The importance of proper maintenance should therefore not be underestimated, and Odin Diving A/S can assist with any maintenance task needed. 

    Maintenance on Ships and Rigs Across Europe and Asia

    Odin Diving A/S has extensive experience with maintenance on both ships and rigs, and we have performed our services within the shipping, wind and also oil and gas sectors.

    We have conducted work across Europe and Asia in different environments ranging from arctic to tropic conditions. We therefore have experience with services like hull cleaning, propeller polishing and underwater welding in all kinds of environments and conditions. 

    Our permanent location is in Frederikshavn, Denmark, but we are able to mobilize quickly to other locations in Sweden, Norway and Germany. Therefore, we offer our wide range of services like hull cleaning, underwater welding and much more to the maritime industry across Europe. 

    Professional Work, Experienced Divers and Quality Equipment 

    We have offered our services within maintenance to the shipping and offshore industry for several years. To read more about our history, click here. Thus, our divers are experienced and all of them are permanent staff. Thereby we can guarantee the quality of our work. 

    Our quality management system meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. Furthermore, we are classed by major classification societies, and all work is performed according to current legislation. See more about our certifications here.

    Through our skilled staff, Odin Diving A/S is generally able to offer services without external help, as we cover most fields within commercial diving. Furthermore, we bring our own quality equipment and tools, which are tested according to national standards. As examples, we conduct hull cleaning by the use of quality brush karts, and we use our own RIB with inbuilt dive-system. Read more about our equipment here.

    Odin Diving A/S moreover seeks to be transparent and offer an honest service. We therefore work with fixed prices, so that you will never be surprised with additional fees or unexpected expenses. 

    Please Contact Us for More Information

    Please contact Odin Diving A/S, if you require more information about one or more of our services. 

    Are you interested in hull cleaning, propeller polishing or any other of our services within maintenance? Or are you in need of one of our other services like repair or inspection? Then please contact us. 

    Reach us by phone on (+45) 98 15 30 30 or send us an e-mail on