Service boat specifications

The service boat’s specifications are listed below:

  • Vessel Name: Siljo
  • Flag: Norwegian
  • Type: Catamaran
  • Year: 2003
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Yard: Ulvan Boat, Norway
  • Loa: 14.99 m
  • Beam: 9.1 m
  • Draft: 1.8 m

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Service Boat Odin Diving


PIER 6 -4
9900 Frederikshavn

TLF.: (+45) 98 15 30 30

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    The boat specifications of MS Siljo

    You may be curious regarding the boat specifications of MS Siljo. If this is the case, read along. MS Siljo is the name of our new vessel. The Vessel sails under a Norwegian flag. Thus, crews sailing the vessel follow the Norwegian rules. The vessel is moreover a catamaran vessel. A catamaran vessel basically refers to a vessel that is constructed geometrically. The construction here presents two hulls instead of one.

    A hull is what we refer to as a ship´s body

    The hulls are placed in parallel, which creates a space between them. It is this space that gives a catamaran vessel it´s characteristic multihull-look: The hulls almost look like two skis that carry the deck of the boat.

    The boat specifications up until now have given you information about name, flag and boat type. But, there are more boat specifications to come.

    Boat specifications and crew

    One of the more important specifications regards the size of the boat. This is important as it influences the size of the crew that can sail the boat. MS Siljo is made for a 2 person crew. That said, you have the option of extra installations.

    Boat specifications and equipment

    MS Siljo is equipped with a crane, tow winch and accommodation. You are therefore able to carry out work that requires the use of towing equipment. You are furthermore able to engage in lifting, lowering and moving of objects. Last, but not least, the boat can be used for several days as the boat is equipped with cabins to host the crew. In relation to this you are also able to visit the toilet and take showers on the boat.

    Where do I find more information about the boat specifications?

    We have a specification sheet if you wish a further overview over the boat specifications of MS Siljo. You can see the specification document here. You will in the document find information on anything from size to speed.

    Rent a catamaran

    You can rent a catamaran at Odin Diving A/S. As earlier specified MS Siljo is a catamaran vessel. We, moreover, offer rental of MS Siljo. Thus, you can rent a catamaran through us. So, why should you rent a catamaran over a different type of vessel?


    One of the qualities of a catamaran vessel is its level of stability. Thus, making the catamaran perfect for smooth sailing. In continuation you will not have to deal with the boat rocking to the same degree as with other vessels. This will without a doubt make it easier for you, and your crew, to carry out your work.


    The design ensures lots of space. This is beneficial as you have lots of space to work on deck, which is a good quality for a service boat.


    When we invested in MS Siljo we did so with the intention of providing our customers with a quicker response time. Thus, we needed a fast boat, which our catamaran vessel is. This is a benefit you will be able to enjoy if you choose to rent a catamaran at Odin Diving A/S. You can check out the speed of MS Siljo in the boat specifications.

    How to rent a service boat

    So, how do you rent a service boat at Odin Diving A/S? And what should you keep in mind when you rent a service boat? We will answer these questions in turn. But, before we do so we want to point out that you can read more on the topic, rent a service boat, here.

    How do you rent a service boat at Odin Diving A/S?
    If you wish to rent our service boat you will have to contact us. We can here discuss your needs in regards to dates, time period and crew size. You are also welcome to ask all the questions you may have.

    What should you keep in mind when you rent a service boat?

    It is important that you estimate the time period in which you will need the service boat. We emphasize this as we offer two types of rental: Hourly and daily. If you only need the boat for 2 hours you may not need to rent it at a day rate. Moreover, if you need it for two days it makes little sense to rent at an hourly rate. We, furthermore encourage you to read the boat specifications to ensure that the boat fits your specific needs.

    Odin Diving A/S

    Who are we? Odin Diving A/S is an international, Danish company that provides underwater services. We believe in offering the highest standards when it comes to our work. We are therefore very proud of our wide range of certificates. We have moreover been in the business since 2008. Our history here started in Greenland and we have since moved to the Danish city Frederikshavn. You can read more about our history here.

    Odin Diving A/S – Makes you wiser on MS Siljo´s boat specifications