Case studies

A 55 meter superyacht in Thailand had collided with rocks, resulting in severe vibrations from the propeller and loss of performance on its port propeller.

​Odin Diving A/S mobilized a team of 4 divers/technicians, who upon arrival made an initial inspection to determine the condition of the propeller. It was found that 3 out of 4 blades on the 2.6 meter port propeller were bent. The starboard propeller was undamaged.

​The 3 bent blades were straightened back to its original shape and the propeller was polished to further reduce any vibration or lack of performance. The procedure was witnessed by the Class surveyor, who approved the result based on measurements and video documentation. A sea trial showed that there was no lack of performance anymore and vibration was not noticeable. Time from client´s confirmation to completed job, including sea trial, was 71 hours.

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