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    Find more information about Odin Diving A/S

    If you are interested in more information about Odin Diving A/S you have come to the right page. This could be more information regarding our reparation services. But, it could also be more information regarding our welding services. And, much more. The before mentioned are just some examples of what we will go over. But, before we dive into our services we will give you more information about who we are.

    IMR-services, more than a decade of experience and an international company. These are just three of our characteristics. Let us further explain them in turn.


    If you need our help at Odin Diving A/S it is probably because you need some IMR-work done. Whether it be inspections, maintenance or reparations. Because, we do it all. And, we do it to the highest standards. You can read much more information about each service by clicking the blue links. You can, for instance, read about the type of inspections that we offer. Among these are inwater surveys, marine growth inspections and purchase inspections. You can also read more about how we can help you with maintenance. We can for instance help you maintain a smooth hull, keep up with replacements of sensors and much more. You can last, but not least, read more about the type of reparations we carry out. We can, for instance, help you with bent blades and cavitation damage. We should also mention that our IMR-services includes ships and rigs. If you are interested in the type of work we have carried out you can check out our references. The references include earlier work on both ships and rigs from 2015 and onwards.

    More than a decade of experience

    We have already dedicated a whole page to our history. So, this will not be a lengthy explanation. We just want to highlight that we have been offering underwater services for over a decade. To be more precise, since 2008. Much has happened since. We have gained a great deal of knowledge, moved our headquarters to Denmark and bought a new, and faster, service boat. But, one thing has stayed the same, our values. We have since the beginning been dedicated to providing quality from beginning to end. Thus, you can expect great service from the initial meeting and onwards.

    An international commercial diving company

    Odin Diving A/S started out in Greenland and has since moved to Denmark. That said, we still carry out work internationally. We have, for instance, carried out IMR-services on ships and rigs in Germany and Norway. Furthermore, many of our customers can be found in Sweden as we do lots of work in Gothenburg Anchorage. We therefore encourage customers inside and outside of Denmark to contact us.

    More information about our ship repair jobs

    Odin Diving A/S can help you with ship repair jobs. As already mentioned we offer reparation services on ships and rigs. So, let us tell you a little more about our ship repair jobs. First and foremost, our ship repair jobs are always carried out by experienced divers. In continuation you are also guaranteed experienced technicians as well as supervisors. So, what type of ship repair jobs can we help you with? The list is quite long and we have therefore created a page that goes into depth with our ship repair jobs. But, to answer the question broadly: We can help you with underwater propeller work and hull reparations. Underwater propeller work could for instance include problems with bent blades and blade seals. Hull reparations could moreover include, for instance, rust problems. If you want to know more about your options feel free to contact us.

    Why are ship repair jobs important?

    One of the major reasons is of course safety. It is important that the crew has optimal and safe working conditions. And one of the ways to ensure this is through ship repair jobs. Keeping a ship in great condition here decreases the risk of incidents caused by undiagnosed, or untreated, problems.

    Another reason is of course efficiency. If you for instance have one or more bent blades it will affect energy use. The same goes for propeller blades in which you do not keep up with polishing. It is therefore a bad idea to skip needed repair jobs.

    Underwater welder requirements

    We strive for the highest standards, also when it comes to our underwater welder requirements. The reason for this is twofold. One, we want to ensure that our underwater welders are qualified to carry out such a high risk job. Two, we want to ensure that we provide our customers with quality work. It is for these reasons that we have certified underwater welders. We would here like to highlight to specific certifications:

    AWS D.36M:2017

    This certificate highlights that we are able to carry out dry underwater welding as well as wet underwater welding. It furthermore specifies five specific methods of doing so.

    ISO 15618-1:2016

    This certificate underscores our expertise within manual welding. As well as our expertise with partly mechanized welding. To be awarded the certificate a diver will have to have knowledge about areas such as safety, welding processes and more.

    You can read more information about certificates at Odin Diving here. We just wanted to point out two with specific relevance to our underwater welder requirements. Besides certificates one of the major underwater welder requirements is of course training. Thus, we ensure that our underwater welders have attended the needed programs. Hence, the work will be carried out by a certified commercial diver.

    If you want to know more about underwater welder requirements or anything else, you can contact us here.

    Odin Diving A/S – More than a decade of experience with IMR-services