SKAW anchorage

Odin Diving A/S can reach SKAW anchorage within 30 minutes from the Port of Skagen – and 1.5 hour from the Port of Frederikshavn.

We offer a wide range of underwater services within:

  • Inspections
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
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    Skaw Anchorage

    Facts about Skaw Anchorage:

    • Anchoring is free of charge
    • Optimal weather conditions
    • Located in Kattegat

    With our new service boat, MS Siljo, we are now able to reach Skaw Anchorage faster than ever before. Skaw Anchorage is the popular anchorage of the Danish city, Skagen. Skagen is a popular city for tourists throughout the summer months, due to the beautiful nature, yellow houses, and not to forget, the sea and port. Besides the city being a tourist attraction, it is also, as aforementioned, well known among ship crews due to Skaw Anchorage. Skaw Anchorage is popular because the anchorage provides perfect conditions for anchoring as the crew waits for new tasks. The waiting time provides the perfect opportunity for IMR – inspections, maintenance and repairs. This is where we, at Odin Diving A/S, enter the picture.

    Service boat

    With our service boat, we are only 30 minutes away from Skaw Anchorage, when sailing from the port of Skagen. Furthermore, we can be at Skaw Anchorage within 1.5 hours when sailing from the port of Frederikshavn, the city in which we are based. This is beneficial for you, as our customer, because it enables quick help. Thus, you will not have to be anchored for longer than necessary. Something many appreciate as waiting time is money and new destinations and tasks are waiting. We are aware of this at Odin Diving A/S. Our new service boat, MS Siljo, is therefore a way in which we can optimize our underwater services and meet your needs. If you are anchored in Skaw Anchorage, you should therefore not hesitate to contact us. We can help you with:


    We can, for example, carry out grounding surveys, check up on marine growth and do UWILDS.


    We can, for example, carry out hull cleanings, help you with sensor replacement and do anti-corrosion treatment.


    We can, for example, fix bent blades, help repair cavitation damage and much more.

    Commercial diving SKAW

    At Odin Diving A/S we can help you, if you look for commercial diving SKAW. We can help you if you are looking for commercial diving SKAW, because your ship is in need of IMR. But, we can also help you if you are looking for commercial diving SKAW, because you need to rent a service boat. Whether you fit into scenario one or scenario two, you have come to the right place.

    Commercial diving SKAW – rental of service boat

    We want to share the wonders of our service boat, MS Siljo, and we therefore offer rental. You can rent the service boat in two ways: Hourly rate and fixed day rate. The boat can be used in the A1 area. Thus, it can be sailed in the following waters:

    • Southern Norwegian
    • Danish
    • Swedish

    Our service boat is equipped with a crane, can carry a 10´´ container and host up to 5 crew members*. You can read much more about the boat on our page “Service boat rental”. On this page you will also find specifications and boat dimensions.

    *More than 3 crew members require extra installations

    Commercial diving SKAW – IMR Skaw Anchorage

    Inspections, maintenance and repairs are the holy grail if you wish to ensure optimal efficiency of your ship. We say this a lot, but it is true. We specialize in IMR underwater services. Thus, we can help you take care of your ship on the go, without the need for dry docking. We furthermore offer certified commercial diving, so you can be sure that we are skilled within the field.


    So let’s dive a little deeper into the world of IMR – inspections, maintenance and repairs. We have already mentioned some of the services that fall under these categories. So now is a great time to emphasize why each category is important. You can compare inspections to your yearly visit at the dentist. It is a way in which we can check that your ship has no cavities. But at this yearly check you are also most likely to get your teeth cleaned; this is what we call maintenance. And if you are the unlucky winner of a little cavity, you will get it repaired.

    Ship context

    If we were to translate this analogy into ship context, you could understand it as follows: Ships will without a doubt be subject to, for example, marine growth when sailing the waters. Thus, you will regularly get marine growth surveys. This is the inspection. Following these inspections you will get a hull cleaning to ensure the smoothness of your ship´s surface. This is the maintenance. But wait, on your last job you noticed problems with the propellers and therefore you will need to get them fixed, while being anchored before your next job. This is the repair. All of these steps will ultimately lead to optimal efficiency. We can help you ensure this efficiency while you wait for your next task at Skaw Anchorage.

    Gothenburg Anchorage

    This text is not about Gothenburg Anchorage, but we still want to mention that our service boat can reach this anchorage within four hours. The time estimation is based on the sailing from the port of Frederikshavn to Gothenburg Anchorage. You can read more about Gothenburg anchorage and our service here.

    Contact us today

    In need of help while you wait at Skaw Anchorage? Reach us through phone and email.

    You can also contact us through our website. Remember, it only takes us 30 minutes, with the service boat, from the port of Skagen and 1.5 hours, with the service boat, from the port of Frederikshavn.

    Odin Diving A/S – Offers IMR at Skaw Anchorage