Underwater Hull Cleaning

Underwater Hull Cleaning – Optimize your vessel’s performance:

  • Remove Marine Fouling: Eliminate tubeworms, mussels, and other fouling to restore the hull’s smooth surface.
  • Ensure Optimal Performance: Impact speed and fuel consumption positively, highlighting the necessity of regular underwater hull cleaning.
  • Utilize Expert Techniques: Our skilled divers use a brush kart to safely and effectively remove unwanted fouling without damaging your ship’s performance.

These points encapsulate the essentials of underwater hull cleaning and highlight the value it brings to maritime maintenance.

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    Learn more about underwater hull cleaning

    If you have come to this page, you are probably interested in learning more about hull cleaning. You may be asking questions such as: What is underwater hull cleaning? Why is it important? Both of these questions are highly relevant. We will therefore seek to answer them to the best of our ability.

    So, what is hull cleaning? To answer this question, we first need to account for what a hull is. A hull is, simply explained, a ship´s body. Most of the body, beside, for example, the deck, is placed underwater. Large areas of a ship´s body are therefore exposed to marine fouling. Examples of marine fouling could, for instance, be tubeworms, mussels and other organisms. Such organisms stick to a ship´s body, which creates a roughness in the former smooth surface. Now you may be wondering why this is problematic. The build-up of marine fouling on a ship´s body is problematic, because it can affect various factors of a ship´s performance. Marine fouling can, for instance, influence speed, but it can also affect factors such as fuel consumption. Underwater hull cleaning should therefore be treated as an integral part of the maintenance of a ship. This leads us to the answer of “why is hull cleaning important?”. Underwater hull cleaning is important because it is a means to ensure optimal performance. Research has, for instance, shown that “periodic hull cleaning leads to significant reduction in the daily fuel consumption” – source. Investing in hull cleaning is therefore worthwhile.

    Hull cleaning Denmark

    Odin Diving A/S is based in Denmark and performs various underwater services, including underwater hull cleaning. You need look no further if you have searched for ‘hull cleaning Denmark’ in your browser. Whether you are a Danish ship or an international ship sailing in Danish waters, we can provide the service you need.

    We mainly divide our services into three categories: Inspection, maintenance and repair. We see these as linked to each other. You can read more about each by following the links.

    At Odin Diving A/S we perform our underwater hull cleaning using a brush kart. The brush kart is managed by one of our skilled divers, who will use it to remove the unwanted fouling that is hindering the ultimate performance of your ship. Thus, the service takes place underwater. Here the diver will guide the brush kart across the affected surface. If you have more questions regarding this process, or other questions in general, feel free to contact us.

    Other services – boat hull repair

    As mentioned, we also provide underwater services within repair, such as boat hull repair. Because, in a ship´s lifespan the hull, also known as the ship´s body, will not only need, for example, hull cleaning, but also repairs. The need for boat hull repair can, for instance, occur due to cavitation damage or bent blades. Such factors can have a tremendous impact on a ship´s performance. If your ship suffers from such problems, you should therefore reach out to professionals who can carry out a relevant boat hull repair. At Odin Diving A/S we are experienced within these. You can read more about our services within ship repairs here.

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