Dive systems & transport

  • 15 m service boat with 80 sqm deck space, 65 T/M crane and 20-ton tow winch
  • 20” container with surface-supplied dive-system and workshop
  • 10” container with surface-supplied dive-system
  • Van with surface-supplied dive-system
  • Truck with 25 T/M crane
  • Trailers and containers for storage

Dive tools and specialized equipment

  • Propeller straightening tools – 2 sizes
  • Large inventory of blanks and cofferdams
  • Large inventory of underwater welding equipment
  • Underwater gouger for underwater weld seam removal
  • Hull cleaning systems – 2 sets
  • Propeller polishing systems – 2 sets
  • Large inventory of hydraulic tools
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9900 Frederikshavn

TLF.: (+45) 98 15 30 30

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    Commercial diving equipment

    One of the most crucial aspects of our business is our commercial diving equipment. It is our commercial diving equipment that allows us to carry out work within inspection, maintenance and repair of ships and rigs.

    Our collection of commercial diving equipment has grown

    Without our commercial diving equipment, there would, simply put; be no such thing as Odin Diving A/S. As we have existed for many years, our collection of commercial diving equipment has grown diverse and big. Thus, we have everything from a work boat to a truck with a crane. We use our different forms of commercial diving equipment to carry out a wide range of services as for instance NDTs, also known as Non Destructive Testing, paint jobs and hull cleaning, as well as cold-straightening of blades and wet as well as dry welding jobs, just to name a few. Tasks such as these are carried out by our professional staff who are more than capable of handling the complex equipment used within our industry of shipping and offshore. This is due to their professional background, experience within the field and different certificates that back up their competencies.


    Are you interested in a brief overview of the customers we have already helped? Then we encourage you to check out our references. Here you will find an overview of our work on both ships and rigs throughout the years from 2015 to now. Work such as for instance hull cleanings, in-water surveys, propeller polishings and re-coatings. It is also within this page that you can check out previous customers. We have, for instance, worked on rigs such as Atlantic Amsterdam, Maersk Gallant and Maersk Reacher, just to name a few. Maybe you will be the next customer added to the list. All you need to do is contact us at Odin Diving A/S for a talk regarding your current problems and how we can help you solve these.

    Types of commercial diving equipment

    At Odin Diving A/S we have throughout the years invested in a vast amount of commercial diving equipment. This has not only been an investment in our continued growth but also an investment in our current and future customers as we continually have been able to offer better and more efficient services due to these investments. At Odin Diving A/S we are able to carry out our underwater services with the help of the following commercial diving equipment:

    Commercial diving equipment

    • A work boat installed with a crane as well as spud legs
    • A Rigid inflatable boat, also known as a RIB, with an inbuilt dive-system as well as sidescan sonar
    • A barge crane installed with spud legs
    • A big container with a dive-system as well as workshop
    • A smaller container with a dive-system only
    • A truck installed with a crane

    Besides these larger forms of commercial diving equipment, we also have smaller equipment at Odin Diving A/S. We, for instance, own brush karts used for hull cleaning, various types of apparatus used for testing such as NDT and welders, as well as cofferdams and habitat used when carrying out these welding jobs. It would be tiresome to go through a longer list of equipment and we will therefore save you the boredom and stop here as we are sure that you get the point by now: We offer professional underwater services carried out with professional equipment, which ensures you an efficient job of the highest quality. Briefly put: Odin Diving A/S is the professional choice. We have, up until now, focused on commercial diving equipment and it therefore seems fitting to end by briefly touching upon our underwater services at Odin Diving A/S.

    Services offered

    You may have noticed that we continually highlight our three main areas within the shipping and offshore industry, which are inspection, maintenance and repair. These three areas are our main focus within our underwater services and we call them our trinity. This is meant to highlight the fact that they are mutually dependent. For instance, you have to do inspections in order to identify problems in need of repair. Furthermore, you have to do repairs to maintain the state of a given ship or rig. Thus, the trinity is the main source to ensure a well-oiled machine. In your case this machine is a ship or a rig, or maybe both. You can read much more about our trinity by following this link. Here we go into the details of the relationship between inspections, maintenance and repairs and why it is important to keep up with all three.


    Within inspections, we, for instance, offer surveys in the context of groundings to check up on the ship’s condition. We also offer surveys of marine growth as it, for instance, is one of the main factors to a decrease in a ship’s performance.


    Within maintenance, we, for instance, offer anti-corrosion treatment, which is key in an industry that generally takes place at sea where the water constantly breaks down the metallic surface of a ship or rig.


    Last, but not least, is repair. Here we for instance offer cold-straightening of blades, which could be relevant after a grounding where the blades have been damaged.

    You can read much more about these three by clicking on the blue links. You are also welcome to contact us for more information. Remember, we are always ready to offer you top tier underwater services and we are never more than a call away.

    Not much of a talker? Reach out to us by email: INFO@ODINDIVING.DK

    Odin Diving A/S – Professional underwater services